Fight for a Better Life. Mental Mediation.

An Exploration of the Power of Your Mind

You might be Feeling a little F*cked Up, and It's Probably Not Just You.

By failing to address the basic economic needs of the world, and lacking any legit modern  progress, the current focus has become identity politics. The current 'democratic' institutions created a modern nightmare in the form of an echo chamber of distraction. You might have considered a break. Not to be morose and shitty, but these things needed a trial status....so apparently it's on us. Humans. How you build character and will learn to succeed is on you, but let's take a closer look at the problem.

Online status is a modern epidemic of your life. This site is an attempt to not completely suck by living life in a more biologically healthy way. It's achieved through novel shared experiences of travel, diet, changing how we work, and collectively facing our fears. There articles that follow are an attempt at how.

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