Own Your Life

You have a choice. You can live up to your failures and take responsibility for your current actions, past actions, and say to yourself that you fucked up like all human beings....no matter how bad, and you are willing to take your life to a higher level which will honestly Probably be the hardest and Best thing you will ever do. 

The higher level can only be defined by you as your currently held dream life. Within the constraints of physics, and maybe not even that in the way you understand it, you can and will achieve Just About anything you put your mind to if you fight for it as Hard as You would Fight a War, And you perceive Life the way That a warrior perceives a battlefield. With that power, and make no mistake that really is True power Both of Your mind and Body As They Are One, you develop determination. Through Dedication you Can and will manifest a semblance of your True dream. You will fail, you will get hurt, and you will doubt yourself at times, and it will not only be honorable, but it will be Living with the courage to Fight for something you are willing to dream and to die for.

Own your life. Command your dream. Take no shit. Live your one and only life ALL THE WAY.



andrew nottoli