Stop Being a Spectator

By failing to address basic economic needs of the masses of the country and set an example for decency and shifting the focus to identity politics, the current ‘democratic’ institutions have created a modern nightmare that has been amplified by orders of magnitude via social media and the problem has spread like a hyper potent virus. This is a modern epidemic of our time.

If you want something to happen in your life, you have to realize you are going to die, you are capable of more than you know, and you can act now....and stop being a spectator. Become a living warrior instead of a spectator no matter who you are or where you come from and live your life, not some just some social media account online. Travel for real, try new things for real, learn to cook, learn a new language, whatever new thing your in to, follow your heart and intuition, and talk to other people you can learn from. Live your life and go for what you want, because most people don't give a shit about your dream, so it's up to you to make those choices to fail until you succeed.

andrew nottoli